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Why Us?

Our best asset is our reputation

  • In order to achieve optimal business results and provide professional and efficient services at the crucial points of the investment (locating a property, purchasing process, property improving process, ongoing operation – rents and finally sell ), we have acquired in-depth knowledge and created extensive relationship system in the city and the business environment. Additionally, we developed local operating company which through it we remain close to the assets and provide immediate and accessible response to our investors and tenants.

  • The investment is based on our residential brand, which provides the tenants in your properties unique living experience with emphasis on creating a safe and supportive environment, reliable and professional management, interpersonal connection, empowerment and strengthening of the connection with the community. Our tenants are local and foreign – students, artists, tourists, locational workers, digital nomads and more.

  • The combination of the components provides quiet and confidence to the investor in receiving rents, improving the property value and the ability to realize the property with maximizing the investment.

Red Building

Why Now?


Property prices in Greece are significantly lower now compared to capital cities in EU countries and this is an opportunity to profit from rising property value.


The Greek mortgage market is starting to recover last year and we believe its recovery process will inevitably lead to a rise in prices.



Athens rents are significantly low now compared to capital cities in EU countries and this also represents an opportunity for a gradual rise in current yields and of course the rise in property prices.

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

Greek Market Analysis


  • Athens is the capital of Greece. The capital of democracy, with a glorious history. Longer and deeper acquaintance with the local population and in the city makes to feel the roots in Athens. We believe that history is an important element of the present and future.

  • Attica Metropolis which in its heart located Athens is the biggest metropolis in Greece.  6M out of 11M lives in attica this is the major buisness , manifacture , trade and cultural center in greece

  • The demand for residential apartments at good condition in the city center is high and Stabile.


  • The Greek economy is showing economic recovery after the crisis starting in 2017.Decrease in unemployment, increase in tourism and rise in house prices. Greek Real Estate market dropped its value by 50%



  • Athens has a large number of uninhabitable properties or need to refurbished properties this is for two main reasons:
    1. The economic crisis that befell Greece in the last decade for property owners was not the economic resources for maintaining and improving the assets of
    2. Greek Government changed tax policy  from not charge or collect any income tax , property tax or municipal taxes for the assets that as a result caused neglection of properties by wealth property owners who were not interested in renting it.

  • For this reasons, we can find opportunities to buy real estate from local residents who need the cash flow from selling the assets or from established property owners who want to reduce their fixed costs and high taxes on the property.


  • Trading economics information on unemployment reduction find here
    OECD unemployment forecast: find here.

  • Trading Economics Information Foresaw Continued Rise in House Prices, Even in 2020: find here.

  • Further information, according to the Greek Hand 2 website, house prices rose by 7.4% in Greece in 2019: find here.

  • An interesting and brief presentation by EU on the mindset of investors regarding the Greek market: find here.

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