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Together Is Better

Our Vision is:

To Create deeper living experience based in-person relationship
and rooted with the local community.
To understand the human challenges in urban life and the
professional challenges in business field.
We are focused in working with innovative and motivated team
in order to become home for our residents & partners.
Therefore our motto is:
Together Is Better.

About Us





We offer residential apartments and Co&Living spaces in Athens city center. The apartments are close to each other up to 5km . this allows us to provide better service for you. As well it allows you to have closer and deeper connection to other residents, to feel community vibe, to connect and to assist the surrounding with mutual activities, and feel less lonely in urban environment. We provided with in-person high service, customized for residents needs.







In order to achieve optimal business results and provide professional and efficient services at the crucial points of the investment (locating a property, purchasing process, property improving process, ongoing operation – rents and finally sell ), we have acquired in-depth knowledge and created extensive relationship system in the city and the business environment. Additionally, we developed local operating company which through it we remain close to the assets and provide immediate and accessible response to our investors and tenants. The investment is based on our residential brand, which provides the tenants in your properties unique living experience with emphasis on creating a safe and supportive environment.

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Meet The Team

Manage multiple real estate investments of private investors equity in the center of Athens – Greece , over the last 3 years.

Engaged to Liat since last 7 years, we live together in urban Community in Tel Aviv in the last 5 years.

5 years experience working for a family accounting firm.

Academic Studies – B.A in Business and accounting from COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT.

Professional Handball player since the age of 9, playing in all Israeli leagues. This has deep root with his team player and disciplined character

In-house legal department, Leading of Rental and Community Section.

Engaged to Almog since last 7 years, we live together in urban Community in Tel Aviv in the last 5 years.

Academic Studies – P.H.D – Cognitive Psychology, Lawyer. Research of memory and tools for judges for making decisions on police lineups.

Active Lawyer in last 10 years.

3 years experience as manager of urban Co-Living Space in Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

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